Foster Associates: Top Level Trusted Advisors to the USPS on cost-related issues

With over 40 years of experience, Foster Associates is one of a handful of top-level, trusted advisors to the United States Postal Service on complex cost-related issues. Our firm was first retained in 1968 by the President’s Commission on Postal Organization regarding matters of postal regulation and ratemaking. Since 1973, the firm has provided extensive assistance to the Postal Service through continuing studies of postal costs, development of cost models, and presentation of expert testimony before the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Practical innovation

Our long-standing relationship gives us unrivaled knowledge of postal costing systems and their underlying data.  For example:

  • Our cost models are used to develop quarterly costs by product and are key components of the Annual Compliance Report.
  • Our forecasting model has been used in omnibus rate cases before the Postal Regulatory Commission.
  • We have initiated and completed both major and minor studies in a wide range of postal cost areas, such as mail processing, city carrier delivery, building space, rural carrier delivery, postmasters, and vehicle service drivers.

The results many of these studies are currently used in the postal costing process. Our experts have testified in these areas on behalf of the Postal Service before the Postal Regulatory Commission.